Monday, June 26, 2006

Journal 04

Another week, another blog. I'm beginning to enjoy this.

This week has been both refreshing and hectic, and I feeling an odd mix of relaxed excitement as I write this. At the beginning of the week I regretfully decided that it was time to end a long standing collaboration with my friend, Travis Johnson. Since Speakeasy closed it's doors and our deal with them fell through, we had been attempting to put together a new project to pitch to new publishers. Unfortunately, such an effort doesn't pay the bills and with a daughter on the way I've decided it's best to put this one on the shelf for the time being. On Wednesday I cleaned out the sketchbooks, scrapping the multitude of random doodles and scribbles related to the project, and filing away all the good stuff so we can revisit the project at some point down the road. Clearing out the piles of old work also helped to clear my head, and I feel both refreshed and revitalized as a result.

The rest of my week has been spent gearing for Friday, June 30th, which will be spent watching "Superman Returns" with Jim Lee. Damn, that sounds spicy, doesn't it? The local comic book store ( has arranged one hell of a promotion for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Jim Lee will be doing a signing at the store on the day Superman opens, and for a small donation you get to go to the movie with Jim.

I, of course, also see this as an opportunity to get some of my work under Jim's nose. I know there's little to no chance that this will yield more than a few polite comments and pointers, but what the hell. I won't be able to make Comic-Con this year, and I figure my chances of getting a job out of Jim Lee are about the same as they are there. The problem, of course, is that I don't really think I have the right kind of work in my portfolio to really knock his socks off, and knock his socks off I'll have to if I want anything to come of this. So I've thrown my back into it. I've been working day and night all week trying to come up with that certain something that will make Jim go "Wow". And even if he doesn't, I'll have bulked up my portfolio this week with some of the best work I've ever done. Perhaps it won't be enough to win Jim over, but it's certainly going to help down the line.

My first few forays have been inking some of Jim's pencils that have been provided by the store as part of the promotion. Wow. This has given me a whole new level of respect for Jim's drawing ability. Easily the hardest inking I've ever taken on. My first two attempts can be found here and here. I haven't nailed it yet, but I've learned more in the past few days about inking than I had in the past ten years. And I've got a few more on the way. I've also done up this one, from a Top Cow packet they gave out at Comic-Con awhile back. I'm working on some pencil samples as well, I'm post them before the weekend if I get the chance.

Well, that's all the news for now. Back to the drawing board for me.


Repost: Deviant Art Journal 03


Well, here we go again. Unfortunately, there’s not much to report this week as my time was split between taking care of an injured Samantha and creative negotiations with a collaborator. Samantha has mysteriously splintered one of the bones in her foot, and has been driving herself slightly crazy trying to take things easy. Also, I’d like to say a hearty Happy Belated Fathers’ Day to any dads who may have stumbled across this little journal. This Father’s Day took on a very different significance as my own child will be born soon. To celebrate this, I spent a bit of time going over our copy of “What To Expect When You’re Expecting”, specifically the section on emergency home deliveries. Hopefully it won’t come to that, but we are a good hour from the hospital and it’s best to be prepared. My apologies for such a short post. Hopefully this week will prove to be a bit more interesting.


Repost: Deviant Art Journal 02


The Week In Review
Well let’s get this thing started, shall we. I’m posting this a little later than I wanted because I’ve already re-written this a few times. I’m still trying to decide what’s the best format to use here, so I may play around a bit for the first few weeks.

Week 1

I guess I’ll start by recapping the week that led up to my decision to start this blog. With a baby on the way I’ve realized that I need to come up with some new approaches to self promotion and turning my career into a more stable source of income. Taking some hints from the 2006 Artists & Graphic Designers Marketplace guide I thinking that blogging about my artistic exploits in a manner similar to Holli Conger ( would be a good start. I’d also like to sit down and hash out a nice business letterhead and some promotional mailers.

In addition to this, I’ve started paying a bit more attention to my fellow Deviant Artists, and I’ve begun to reach and ask for their advice and insight, and possibly a bit of friendly networking. mechangel2002 pointed me towards the various comic book forums such as Digital Webbing ( and Penciljack ( I’d tried this sort of thing in the past, usually with very disappointing results. At the time the majority of listings had been people who were offering little or no (usually no) pay, or who had no follow through once contacted. I was dubious to go back, but I said what the hell, it certainly couldn’t hurt to look. Much to my surprise, I had three offers for low but decently paid work within one day. I’ve turned one down, as it was just two much of a time commitment for me, but I’ve decided to accept the other two. One is a two month inking stint, the other designing giant robots for a new series. I’ll post more details as I have them.

I’ve also been looking around the galleries here in search of technical inspiration. I’ve been getting an itch to try my hand at digital painting for some time now. Thanks to one of Kyena’s tutorials ( I’ve finally figured out how properly blend colour like paint in Photoshop. It may not sound like much, but it’s been a huge leap for me. Hopefully I’ll have some good paintings up in my gallery shortly.

The rest of my week was spent roughing out pages for Acquistions, a comics project with writer, Travis Johnson. You’ll find a few of my initial character sketches in my scraps gallery. I’ll be posting some more previews as the project develops. It looks like it’s going to be both a fun and interesting book. We just need to find a good publisher.

All in all it was a pretty good week, though there were some interesting hiccups along the way. At one point the neighbor’s donkey got loose while they were away, and Samantha, her dad, and myself spent about an hour trying to get him back behind the fence before we finally gave up. I guess it’s true that donkey’s really are as stubborn as they say.

At the moment Samantha’s been a bit under the weather. She’s developed a very mysterious foot pain. At first it seemed like a sprain, though she hadn’t injured herself in any way. We spent Saturday night in the ER getting her checked out, as she was in quite a bit of pain. They couldn’t tell us much, other than that she has a mysterious infection that should clear up with some antibiotics and some rest. That’s been a bit of a problem, as she likes to be pretty active. Luckily, kicking my ass at Mario Party 7 seems to keep her entertained and cheerful while keeping her off her feet.

I guess that’s it for now. I’ll have new post up Sunday or Monday.

Until then, take care,

Repost: Deviant Art Journal 01


A Bit of Personal History

Well here goes. Blogging, online journals, documentation, self expression, and reaching out to the world electronically, all in an effort to promote myself and my meager career as an illustrator and cartoonist. This is something I’ve wanted to do for awhile now. The problem has been that I’ve always doubted anyone would be interested in my inane little ramblings, that I wouldn’t really have anything to say, and that I wouldn’t be able to stick to it and keep it going. Despite those doubts, I’ve decided that now is the time to give it a shot.

About a year and a half ago I decided that it was finally time to shit or get off the pot. I’d been playing around with my life time goal of being a successful comic illustrator and comic book artist since I graduated from college in 1996, but I just hadn’t achieved any kind of consitant success. There’d been an illustration here, a some pages of comics art there, and just a few pages of published work. All of it was very much under the radar and undisciplined. At this point my biggest claims to fame were that I had graduated from college with highest honors and the glowing approval of legendary cartoonist Stephen R. Bissette (who’s semi-regular and always insightful blog can be found here [link] ) who had very graciously agreed to be one my academic evaluators, I had done a handful of comics shorts for the Games Workshop company, Black Library, and I was the guy who dropped the ball on Deathwatch (a larger Black Library project that I was slotted to pencil and ink, but for various reasons, was only able to produce 14 meager pages before I was taken off the book). In my opinion, not much to show for nine years effort. Oh, and I had managed to go through several inane and low paying day jobs in that time.

So a little over a year and a half ago I decided that it was time to finally get serious and make something happen. A friend, the infinitely generous Chris Hutchings, had hooked me up with my first “real” job in the entertainment industry, working as a designer for the Discovery Channel show, Monster House. That went very well and I had the opportunity to work on two episodes before the show was cancelled. I also went out and picked up a copy of the 2005 Artists & Graphic Designers Marketplace guide. Well, here was a book that I needed. While most of the career guidelines were things that I already knew I should be doing, I hadn’t actually done them yet. Sometimes it takes a sledge hammer to head to get me moving in the right direction and here it was. About that time I discovered Deviant Art and decided to use it as my new online portfolio. I also established a DA print account with every intention of getting some work up and for sale. As you can see, I haven’t really gotten around to that yet, but I’d like to think it’s because I’ve been too busy.

After working on Monster House, I took a job for a friend, Joel Bevacqua, doing storyboard and design work on his movie, Deadly Buda. ([link]) Shortly thereafter I was received an offer from Speakeasy Comics to do a science fiction graphic novel with the very talented Travis Johnson. Speakeasy has since gone out of business, but Travis and I have another project in the works that I’ll keep you posted on here. As Monster House was cancelled, my friend Chris, mentioned earlier, moved on to another production company and brought me on board to draw some pictures the would be animated and included in a History Channel documentary about old west sharpshooters. You’ll find just a smattering of those drawings in my gallery here, and I’ll post some info on when the show will air when I have it.

Oh, perhaps most important, something else very significant happened about a year ago as well. I met a girl and fell in love. Within two weeks of dating Samantha I knew that she was the “one” and I asked her to marry me. She said yes, and we’ve been inseparable ever since. I cannot say enough about how supportive and encouraging she has been or how wonderful it is to have her in my life. We’re expecting out first child this September, a girl to be named Violet Eve, and we’ve moved from Los Angeles to Montana to stay with her family for the duration of the pregnancy.

Currently, I have several projects in the works. My old college room mate, Ben, has me drawing a few ideas for a movie project he’s working on. Travis and I are hard at work making our new book, “Acquisitions”, a reality. I’m also trying to figure out if I can juggle a few offers I’ve received after answering some listings on Digital Webbing ([link]). (Thanks very much to mechangel2002 [link] for pushing me in that direction.) And I’m doing whatever I can to further market myself and get my work out there.

Which brings me, finally, to my point for writing this. Taking a hint from Holli Conger ([link]) and her article in the 2006 Artists & Graphic Designers Marketplace guide, I want to use this journal to document my artistic and self-promotional activities, and to hold myself accountable and make sure that I follow through with my intentions. I also want to use it as way to keep friends, family, and business acquaintances updated on what I’m up to. Perhaps I’ll make a few new friends along the way as well. I’m not sure if what I write here will be at all entertaining, insightful, or interesting. We’ll just have to see what happens. I intend to post something at least once a week, perhaps starting with a simple breakdown of my activities for the past week and moving on from there. Hopefully, I’ll come up with a more interesting format as I gain more experience with this sort of thing. And if anyone has any suggestions or requests, please let me know. I should have another post up later today, detailing the week that has led up to this post, and then another next Sunday or Monday morning.

Until then, take care,

An Introduction & Explanation

Welcome all to the newest incarnation of my online journal started here ( a few weeks ago. I’ve decided to move the journal to this site to make it a bit more accessible to friends and family who are not registered with Deviant Art. Unfortunately, you have to be registered with DA in order to comment on any of my posts, which is a bit of a hassle if you just want to leave me a little note. This blog is open to any and all, so just hit “comment” and type away. I will still be maintaining the gallery at Deviant Art, and I’ll be sure to post updates here when I put up new work. For the sake of completeness, my first few entries here will be reposts of my Deviant Art entries. And there will be a new update sometime later today.

The title, by the way, is a bit of fun, a chapter heading from James B. Twitchell’s book, “Preposterous Violence: Fables of Aggression in Modern Culture”, which was my introduction to Fredric Wertham and the Comics Code debacle of the 1950s, and one of the my primary sources when writing my undergraduate thesis so many years ago. That title has always stuck with me, and now I think I’ve found an appropriate home for it. Hopefully Professor Twitchell won’t mind too much.