Sunday, November 04, 2007

Blood & Thunder Update

At long last!
Blood and Thunder #1 is officially in stores and on sale from Boom! Studios. I've finished the line art for issue 2 and am awaiting the script for issue 3. You can find a preview of 11 pages of issue 1 here on Comic Book Resources. You can also see the pencil line art for those pages in my Deviant art gallery. And the book has been reviewed here, here, and here.

Also, the previous Boom! Warhammer 40,000 series, Damnation Crusade, which I made a very small contribution to has been collected in trade paperback and hardback formats.

It's been a wonderful experience working for Boom! and I hope they keep me on for a while longer. I can't say enough good things about my editor, Joe Abraham, who's also a talented artist and penciller on Boom!'s Hero Squared. I think his experience as an artist had made him far more qualified for the job than many editors I've encountered. Issue 2 was a really rough one to get through. It seemed like every time I turned around something else was going wrong. Poor little Violet had a fever which we had to take her to the ER for, and which kept her restless and upset for nearly a week. On top of that my computer died about half way through the issue, leaving me incapable of delivering any artwork to Boom! until it could be replaced. Luckily the paycheck for issue 1 showed up at the same time and I was able to put in a emergency call to Dell. Somehow I got through it, though I know I went a little crazy before the end. I've now had nearly a week to relax since finishing issue 2, which I think I've badly needed. Nonetheless, I feel myself getting antsy and impatient. I'm very eager to get back to work and I hope the new script shows up soon.
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JAGs said...

La verdad muy bueno tu trabajo es muy inspirador sobre todo por que las imagenes son lo que nos lleva a imaginar las situaciones de combate, nose como la gente no se interesa por esto que es tan bueno