Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Blood & Thunder Day 14

Or thereabouts. I'm not quite sure how accurate that count is at this point, but it's pretty close.
Layouts have officially been approved, and though I've got just a few character details to sort out, I'm free to move ahead into penciling. There's a small crunch as things are a few days behind schedule, but it should all be fine if I can get up to a good pace. The only delays have been due to the time it takes to get everything to all the right people so the material can be cleared to move ahead. Such is the nature of licensed properties. It means things are probably going to continue at a somewhat frantic pace for the entire project, but so be it. There's really no way around that. The gratifying part was that my layouts were approved without any real requests for changes. I've got a pretty clear vision of how I'm going to move ahead and I'm glad that powers that be trust me enough to let me do so.
OK, that's it for now. I'm going to rule out a few more panel borders and then I'm off to bed. More to come...

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